01/09/2017 – House exterior in Southsea.

On this job we were tasked with repairing and rebuilding the worn away features of the masonry work on the front bay of this house, after rebuilding the features we set about decorating the bay using the Dulux Weathershield system.

27 Teddington Road.jpg

25/08/2017 – Hall, stairs and landing repaired and decorated on behalf of our colleagues at BMC Services this week up in Farlington.

On this project we finished the walls off in Dulux Polished Pebble while the wood work was finished in white Satinwood

25/08/2017 – Exterior completed this week for our customer in Winchester.

On this job we were tasked with the repairs/replacement of the fascia and soffit and re-pointing the brickwork.

Once this was complete we were then  decorated the masonry and wood work using the paint from the Little Greene range

Barnes close exterior.jpg

24/08/2017 – House front repaired and decorated in Baffins

on this job we repaired and decorated the house front using Sandtex magnolia masonry paint on the masonry, Dulux weathershield gloss on the fascia and soffit and Hammerite on the front gate. In addition to this we removed the old silicon and replaced around the front windows.

Exterior Dover Road

24/08/2017 – Lavender forest Mural wallpaper hung today for our customer in wickham

forest mural wickham

24/08/2017 – Children’s room map mural wallpaper hung today on Isle of wight

Map wallpaper Trelawney way

04/08/2017 – Picture of one of the areas completed from a project coming to an end today for our customer down in Farlington.

On this project we were tasked with correcting a pre-exsisting issue with the customer complaining about a bad oder coming from the walls once painted with Valspar paint. (More info in comments)

We treated the walls and ceilings using Zinssers BIN primer and decorated the walls, ceilings and woodwork using Dulux paints.

Woodfield road - valspar paint treatment.jpg

04/08/2017 – Project completed today for our customer down in Southsea.

Once a bed and breakfast hotel, now transformed into a wonderful cosy family dwelling.

On this project we were tasked with Plastering and Decorating this 5 bedroom house all the paint work was completed using the Dulux heritage range finishing the woodwork off in Satinwood.

21/07/2017 – Hall, Stairs and Landing completed for our customer in Baffins

On this job we were tasked with the repair and decoration of this Hall, Stairs and Landing – Walls were finished in Dulux vinyl matt Copenhagen blue and wood work Dulux Satinwood white.

11/07/2017 – Exterior Oak work repairs and treatment

During this we were tasked with repairing and reviving the Oak windows, doors and canopys  to this stunning looking property

After preparing and repairing the Oak work we used the Sikkens Cetol Filter system topped of with a UV coat to protect the finish and for the fascia and soffit we used the Dulux Weathersheild system

Russell Farm 2Russell Farm

04/07/2017 – Beach mural wallpaper – hung for our customer in Wickham

Beach Mural Wickham

23/06/2017 – Exterior timber repairs and decoration – North Harbour

On this project we were tasked with the repairs, renovations and decoration of the exterior of this office unit, we replaced damaged sills, fascia and soffits, styles and window beads, We were also tasked with the replacement of several damaged glazing units.

All completed ahead of schedule and to a high standard using the Santex Eggshell X-Tra system finished off in Granite grey.

Elite Acorn Business Park.jpg14/05/2017 – Exterior redecoration – Haslemere.

On this job we repaired and redecorated the exterior masonry using a Dulux Weathersheild system, we also sealed and decorated rendered sections on the outdoor BBQ area at the back of the property, decorated the down pipes and railings, repaired and treated eaves around the building.

Funeral Home in Havant

On this project we were tasked with the repairs and decoration of the exterior of this Funeral Home in Havant for our client Dignity UK – During this process we had to make repairs to damaged pointing and windowsills along with replacing deteriorated woodwork, after this we decorated the exterior masonry and wood work including windows and doors in the company branded colours using Dulux Weathershield systems

Bedroom decoration in Southsea

On this project we fitted new selves, removed carpets, stripped back sanded and painted floor boards, treated water damaged walls and ceilings and redecorated walls, ceilings and wood work – Walls finished in Slightest Blue, wood work in Satinwood white and flooring in Grey Friar floor boards

28/04/2017 – Exterior repairs and decoration – North End

On this project we were tasked with the repairs and redecoration of this property in North End – During the process we had to remove and replace damaged fascia and soffit boards, fit a new lagging pipe cover, strip back and redecorate masonry areas and decorate entire exterior all finished off in Brilliant white and Sage green using Dulux Weathershield systems

28/04/2017 – Exterior metal works repair and decoration – Southsea

On this job we were tasked with treating and repairing the metal rails, fascia and soffits, doors and guttering of this seaside property  in Southsea – We rub back and treated all rusted areas with red oxide, made repairs using metal filler and coated all areas using the Sandtex X-tream systems


Marine Lodge Exterior.jpg

07/04/2017 – Exterior redecoration – Bordon.

On this job we repaired and redecorated the exterior masonry using a Dulux Weathershield system with Honeysuckle colour choice – also we repaired four deteriorated roof gullies

Stonehill Road Exterior.jpg

17/03/2017 – Exterior redecoration – Drayton.

On this job we were tasked with redecorating the exterior of this property in Drayton.

All the old pipework that had previously been painted in with the yellow masonry had to be full stripped and taken back so we a stable enough surface to bring them back to life, Damaged walls were repaired and patched in with a similar rough finish to how it was previously rendered, finally all walls were coated with Dulux Weathershield in a white finish.

Kirton Road exterior.jpg

14/03/2017 – Exterior repair and redecoration – Bordon.

On this job we were tasked with repairing and reviving the exterior windows and woodwork of this property that hadn’t seen a lick of paint in almost 15 Years! – After all the perished wood had been removed and replaced we were then tasked with redecorating this stunning property in total 67 windows, 9 doors, 2 extremely high dormers, 4 panels of masonry work and all of the eaves coated for good measure.

What a beautiful property!

02/03/2017 – Exterior Refurbishment and Redecoration

On this job we were tasked with the installation of new fascias and soffits to the roof and front bay, salvage, repair and rebuild of the front wall and finally full redecoration of the masonry wood work and waste pipe.


24/02/2017 – Bathroom rip out and refurbishment in Old Portsmouth

On this project we were tasked with the renovation of this bathroom in Old Portsmouth, it started with a rip out of the old ceiling, airing cupboard, tiles and bathroom suite.

We then re-boarded and plastered the ceiling, first fix of the carpentry, plumbing and electrics, after this the tiler was in and phase one was complete.

Phase two and the Plumber was back to install this lovely new modern suite and both the electrician an carpenter where back to complete the final fix followed by the floor layer laying this lovely new linoleum flooring and then finally silicon work and  the ceiling painted.

Warblington Road.jpg

03/02/2017 – Project completed for our client Tesco in North Harbor.

In the project we where tasked with refurbishing the communal toilet and changing room areas, this included creating three new boxings to house pipework along with the remove and replacement of old water damaged areas of drywall and ply board. After the carpentry had been completed we redecorated throughout using various Dulux products.

02/02/2017 –  Feature wall completed in this property in Southampton, Quick turn around for this customer in Southampton to change the appearance of her master bedroom.


01/02/2017 – Property completed for our customer in North End, repair and redecoration of this front room Dulux Amethyst Starling in Vinyl Matt as the main wall colour and Dulux Rope Swing in Vinyl Matt as the feature wall colour with Dulux Satinwood finish on the wood work.


23/01/2017 – Project started for our client Tesco in North Harbor Port Solent.

In phase one we are stripping out toilets and changing areas of old blown wood paneling and replacing WPB, also creating boxing ins for pipework throughout.

Once the carpentry is completed we will move on to redecorate the area with a white vinyl matt  finish on the walls and a high gloss finish on wood work throughout.


23/01/2017 – New Oak doors and Hall, Stair and landing redecoration.

For this job in Havant we supplied and fitted these new Oak doors with satin chrome furnishings, replacing the old door stoppers and repairing where necessary.

After the carpentry had been completed we prepared and repaired the door linings and new doors stops making the surface sound for paint, the woodwork was finish of in a Dulux Brillaint white Satinwood and walls coated with Dulux vinyl matt ‘Dusted Fondant’, ceiling where of course finished in a white matt.

12/01/2017 – Bespoke Designer wallpapering.

Paper hanging job completed today for our customer at Dimples and Daisies Photography down in Grove Road South Southsea.

This is the Folia Birds design from the Folia collection by Witch & Watchman


11/01/2017 – Wallpapering completed for our customer in North End.

This little boys room has been given a the “star treatment” with this wallpapering job completed he has his mark on the room.

Kirby Road Wallpapering.jpg

09/01/2017 – Front exterior completed for our customer in North End.

On this exterior we coated walls, wall panels and pillar caps with Dulux Grey Steel 2 Weathersheild exterior masonry with windowsills picked out in white masonry and under bay fascia and front canopy undercoated and glossed using white Weathersheild exterior paints.lyndhurst road exterior.jpg

06/01/2017 – Front porch completed for our client up in Waterlooville, Internal paneling finished in a white Satinwood timber framework and door Stained with a Jacobean Walnut exterior stain varnish

29/12/2016 – Property completed today for our customer in Southsea. A full redecoration of the interiors of this Holiday home throughout including all walls and woodwork.

16/12/2016 – Project completed today for our customer in Southsea, Shop front refurbishment and redecoration. New door and fascia board fitted to revive the tired looking old shop front, now repaired and finished in British racing green.


12/12/2016 – Project started today for our customer in Southsea, Shop front refurbishment and redecoration – Check back at the end of the week to see the finished product!

05/12/2016 – Project completed today for our customers in Milton, second phase of this full house redecoration including the new garden bar

29/11/2016 – Walls stripped repaired and plastered, Now on to stage two decorating this property in Southsea – Check back at the end of the week to see the results.

28/11/2016 – Second stage of this property started in Milton today. Bar, Dining room, Kitchen, Lounge and the remainder of the hall way to be completed. Check back at the end of the week to see the results.

28/11/2016 – Update – Project nearing completion in North End, walls have been coated using Dulux vinyl matt Grey Steel 1 & 2 with Supermatt white ceilings. Just the carpentry work to be completed and a final coat on the walls and this job will be handed back.

28/11/2016 – Project started today for our client in North End, early days of this house share project due for completion early next year. Check back to see the finished project.

19/11/2016 – Update – Property in North End where we had to remove the old damaged ceiling then board and tape and joint, this week has now been Plastered  and had the Coving and Ceiling rose fitted as soon as the plaster is fully dried out we will start decorating – Check back to see the finished job

18/11/2016 – Project completed for our customer in Hilsea, Full redecoration of the internals with extras of the front exterior added on towards the end of the job. All walls and ceiling repaired and coated using White and Magnolia Albany covermatt paints with woodwork completed in Dulux white High Gloss paint, Exterior completed in Elderberry wine red in Dulux weathersheild paint on the front door and garage with front porch completed in Dulux Weathersheild white.

18/11/2016 – Job completed today for our customer in North End, Full redecoration of this three floor hall, stair and landing. Ceilings in Dulux supermatt white, Walls in Dulux Spring breeze no.6 and wood work finished in Dulux Brilliant white High Gloss with the under stairs panel finished in Spring breeze no.6 with a Dulux Satinwood finish.

14/11/2016 – Project completed today for our customer in Leigh Park, Redecoration of this water damaged room. New ceiling plastered and all four walls stripped of old wallpaper, all walls prepared and repaired, walls treated to prepare them for painting, wood work prepared and repaired and then undercoated and glossed. walls finished using Valspar paint wood work finished in Dulux high gloss.

14/11/2016 – Project started today for our customer in North End, a three floor hall, stair and landing including all wood work and both sides of the doors and architraves – Check back to see the finished job.

14/11/2016 – Project opened today for our customer in Hilsea, Complete redecoration of the interiors including all walls, ceilings and wood work – Check back to see the finished job.

11/11/2016 – Project completed today for our Client at this Care Home in Southsea. Full redecoration of this front entrance hall, stairs and landing including fire break. Repairs and redecoration of wall, ceilings and stained wood this has given this are a new lease of life.

10/11/2016 – Project stared today for our customers up in Havant, Full strip back of this bedroom which was wallpapered before these pictures where taken. Fill and repair to all walls, miss-coat on the bare plaster then full redecoration including wood work – Check back to see the final results.

077/11/2016 – Project started today at this care home in Southsea we have been awarded the contract to complete the full redecoration of the front entrance hall, stairs and landing. Check back to see the completed product.

07/11/2016 – Project started today for our customer in lee-on-solent, Four bedroom house full redecoration – Check back to see the finished product.

07/11/2016 – Project stated today. Removal of old boiler cupboard, dot and dab plasterboard, tape and join and the redecorate the room. – Check back to see the finished product.


04/11/2016 – Project completed today, Hall stair and landing in Southsea. This project was part of an extension over three floors, Albany white Matt finish paint used above dado and dado down Valspar slate grey all finished off with stained newel posts and hand rails with a Briwax finish.

04/11/2016 – Project completed today at this funeral home in Emsworth, on this one we had to repair water damaged walls, wallpaper areas, prepare and repair ceilings and walls , and rub down and redecorating of the wood work throughout.

31/10/2016 – Project started today for our client down in Emsworth. This funeral home is looking a little tired having not been given a flick over for more than 7 years. We are here to completely redecorated the interiors  with the exterior coming in the future after some repairs have been carried out – check back to see the results.

31/10/2016 – Project started today for our customer in Southsea, full redecoration of this three storey  hall stair and landing with 12 doors (some with new doors and door liners) a sash window, bare wood and in areas and damaged walls, skirts and ceilings – Check back to see the finished product

31/10/2016 – Project completed today for our client down in Gunwharf. Plastering and redecoration of this back room after a leak meant the ceiling fell in, walls and woodwork all finished off using Crown paints after we completed the customer asked us back to sand and re-varnish the floor bringing it back to its former glory.

28/10/2016 – Project completed ahead of schedule at this school in up Waterlooville. Modern foreign language room and health suite/gym. MFL taken from a bright yellow down to a more softer magnolia, a lot of repairs to make to the walls in this area. radiators and pipework coated to blend in with the back ground all leaving a great finish.

Gym area taken from a pale off white colour to a light baby blue colour, walls were really beaten in this area and also there was heavy water damage from a leak above the double doors, all resolved and looking ready to go now

25/10/2016 – Some before and during shots of a project started yesterday for our client in Waterlooville, redecoration of the MFL room (modern foreign language) and Health suite at this school. In the gym we have areas of water damaged walls and ceilings, along with heavily damaged walls due to free weights hitting walls while in the MFL we have bright yellow walls being toned down to a neutral cream – Check back to see the final results.

24/10/2016 – First part of project started this week, Full redecoration of whole property in Milton – Check back to see the completed areas of stage one.

18/10/2016 – Project stated for our client up in Potters Bar, Full redecoration of this funeral home – Check back to see the finished job

17/10/2016 – 21/10/2016 Remove of old lath and plaster ceiling, wall paper stripped and new boarding put up on this project in North End, just waiting for the sparky to finish his bit then its a fill of all the walls and tape joint the boards ready for plastering and finally decorating. – Check back to see the finished product.

17/10/2016 – 21/10/2016 Started and completed last week, this utility room in Chichester. White emulsion work completed first with repairs where new sockets and lights where fitted. Then mid week the floor was fitted and we where back the end of the week to complete the wood work Dulux matt white and high gloss used on this project leaving a nice clean feel.

15/10/2016 – Completed today our project in North End, Satinwood wood work contrasting green feature walls, ready to be topped off with Oak skirts, banister and glass panel insert.

13/10/2016 – Project started today for our customer in North End. Hall, stair and landing freshly plastered and wood work stripped back ready to turn make our customers dream come to life.

13/10/2016 –  Project completed today for our clients up in Borden, Exterior sections of the science lab development. Completed using Mcphearsons paint.


12/10/2016 – Part way through this tape and jointing job in north end coming along nicely for the moment, still a lot of work to do here though.

11/10/2016 – Exterior completed today for our customer down in southsea, Portland green masonry with Brilliant white features picked out and lead-work roof coated and sealed with black sealant paint. (still awaiting new front door and surround).


10/10/2016 – Exterior started today for our clients down in Southsea, a couple of repairs to be completed and tidy up round the new windows, new front door to be fitted soon also.


06/10/2016 – Alleyway and garage door area complete in Emsworth, including newly fitted skylights and garden gate all topped off with freshly painted new render. Doors colour matched to keep in with the new front door being fitted monday.

05/10/2016 – Water damage repair job started today in Gunwharf, Part way through here treating the stained areas.lipsticktower-waterdamaged-repair

04/10/2016 – Disabled access ramp started today for our clients in North End, Black non-slip floor paint used to tidy this access ramp up.

A G Staplefords-Ramp.jpg

04/10/2016 – Before and during photos of a project started this week for our customer in Emsworth, Alleyway with skylight installation and Garage and garden doors with rendered wall. Check back to see the results!

02/10/2016 – Water damaged ceilings and Bulkhead at the school in Woking completed. They have been scraped back, had the water damaged areas treated then filled and repaired, rubbed back then two full solid coats of paint to top the finished product off.

01/10/2016 – Repairs and redecoration work started to this water damaged school corridor in Woking – Check back to see the completed product.

28/09/2016 – The completed product, white and a grey theme carried through on to the front door on this property in Hilsea

26/09/2016 – Project started today for customer down in Hilsea, check back to see the finished product


24/09/2016 – Final areas complete at Frensham Heights, Science lab development project near completion.

23/09/2016 – A couple of the completed Hi-Tec Science lab Classrooms at Frensham Heights from last night. Ready to go into action early next week


21/09/2016 – Emsworth complete refurbishment the finished product looking absolutely beautiful, nice sharp and crisp painting through out.

21/09/2016 – Project completed today for our client in Portchester.

A bedroom that had seen better days wallpaper half stripped, walls with hundreds of dents and divots in them lovingly restored to this smooth fresh and sharp finish.

13/09/2016 – Some more areas completed at our clients project in Emsworth

13/09/2016 – DM Signs completed today for our client – external cladding freshen up

12/09/2016 – Some of the woodwork getting a top coat of Dulux High gloss up at Emsworth today, looking really good with a nice smooth sharp finish.

12/09/2016 – Completed today the exterior of this conservatory in Chichester where we had previously completed the internal decorating. Rosewood to High Gloss finish using Dulux Weathersheild paints.

Chichester Before and after conservatory completed.jpg

12/09/2016 – New Project starting for our client down in Southampton today, external cladding on DM Studios. Check back to see the finished product

11/09/2016 – Big rub down and a first coat completed today all the way up and over after these picture were taken we completed a second fill on the walls and ceilings

10/09/2016 – Scrape back of all the loose shabby old paint and brickwork and a first fill completed today.

10/09/2016 – New project starting today for our client in Rowledge. This is the first area to be decorated in our section of the Science lab development project, check back to see our progress.

Project completed yesterday for our client – Rowner Junior school new block. We took on this program of work last-minute to help out our client, working around the other trades as this project had fallen behind for them in the early stages and managed to get out ahead of schedule leaving time for some last minuet tweaks before the new school year starts. Using Armstead matt white on the walls and Dulux high gloss finish and all doors, door liners, skirts and architraves.

East Witterings – Project completed for our client today, Classroom and Kitchen doors. Some new bare wood areas and some old areas in need of a refresh on this one, Classroom with new doors stained with Dulux Rosewood stain, walls needing some light filler work and then painting with Dulux matt paint. Kitchen doors, Primed, filled undercoated, Caulked and top coated using Dulux High gloss.

Southsea – External project completed this week for our customers down in Southsea.

full scrape and rub back of all the loose weathered areas, Toupret repairs made to the masonry work then another rub pack to prepare the surface for painting. Stabilizer used on required areas to form a stable surface for painting, gaps around windows Caulked up to provide a nice complete and sealed finish all topped off  with Dulux Wethersheild Masonry paint.


Another Job complete – Saint Phillips School Hall in Arundel, Nice little job for our new client. We made various plaster and crack repairs to the walls and ceilings throughout the hall and Toupac repairs to the wood work sanding it all back to almost bare and building the coats up from Primer, Undercoat and a double High Gloss top coat finish. Walls and ceilings all coated twice with Armstead Trade white paint as per customer specification. Finishing this job ahead of schedule with another satisfied customer.

Start of a new job this week in Arundel repairs and re-decoration to this school hall ready for the new school year to start in September, Check back to see our progress towards the end of the week!

Fareham – Nice little property we completed recently for our customers Chris and Lynn, some new wood work and a couple of doors hung for the guys with a couple of walls needing plastering and some repairs the lounge ceiling to hide the old spot light holes. This job was finished with Dulux Magnolia and Brilliant white high gloss leaving Chris and Lynn both very happy customers.


Another job Completed with happy customers! Thank you to the guys at A G Staplefords and DignityUK for the opportunity and the tea and biscuits, we will see you on the next one

A G Staplefords-Exterior-decoration-completion


A G Staplefords Portsmouth – Exterior Decoration and repair using Toupret

Southsea – Decoration of Office, Kitchen and Dining area with Access Cupboard and Pipework Box-in and tiling

Faded exterior down-pipe refurbishment in Wallington – With Dulux Weathershield Paints

Office – Display shelf build and Decoration – Finished in Dulux Black Satinwood